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Graffiti Solutions

  • Unique coating guaranteed for 20 years
  • Requires no chemicals or abrasion for 100% clean
  • Uses only water to remove graffiti
  • The most cost effective solution to graffiti removal and surface protection
  • Proven in Manchester's Exchange Square and Blackpool's Sea Front
About Us

The Garrandale group was founded in 1976 in Derby (UK),and is a true home of innovation and technical excellence. This well established group of companies have spent many years developing and refining a range of specialist coatings and finishes to give total protection and environmentally friendly solution for both ancient and modern structures.

These products and services are designed, manufactured and delivered to the highest industry standards and have been tested and approved for all the relevant British and European standards for both infrastructure and transport.

No company can boast the credit and acclaim the Garrandale Group have achieved with its GraffStop product range from the largest European anti grafftti installation for the Blackpool sea defences to the principal supplier to Network Rail for the Visual Impact project Olympics 2012. Also featured as the sensational company who made the difference to the Redhill Underpass project on the renowned channel 4 program “ Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners” for which Garrandale has been credited as a major contributor.

GraffStop and the Garrandale Group continue to develop and deliver a truly revolutionary range of solution to improve our living environment and protect what we value at the least cost but with the maximum effect.

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