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Graffiti Solutions

  • Unique coating guaranteed for 20 years
  • Requires no chemicals or abrasion for 100% clean
  • Uses only water to remove graffiti
  • The most cost effective solution to graffiti removal and surface protection
  • Proven in Manchester's Exchange Square and Blackpool's Sea Front

Anti-graffiti masonry paint

Graffstop® Self Release

Is an environmentally friendly, single pack anti-graffiti coating designed specifically for porous materials, such as masonry and concrete. It can be pigmented to suit any colour and it can be used on plastisol, concrete, wood and brick.

Easy to apply anti-graffiti paint

Graffstop® Self Release is easily applied by spray, brush or roller, covering large areas extremely quickly.

Graffstop® Self Release allows graffiti to be simply washed away with nothing more than water.

Graffstop® Self Release can also be used to prevent the growth of other surface contaminants such as algae.


The new three and a half mile poured concrete sea wall at Blackpool is attractively moulded, and the colour of sand. It looks magnificent, but unfortunately it is a blank canvas to the graffiti vandals. Consequently, the sea wall became the largest anti-graffiti project in Europe, with Graffstop® Self-Release applied to the entire sea wall and other masonry in the area. Graffstop® is being trialled on the steps leading into the sea at Blackpool. The steps are prone to the growth of Algae, a lethal slip hazard. Graffstop® was applied eight months ago and is still showing unbelievable results.


The prestigious development of Manchester’s Exchange Square included architectural stone seating. Within days of public access, graffiti had defaced this attractive feature. The graffiti was removed and the surfaces subsequently protected with Graffstop®, ensuring its pristine appearance for the long term. Prior to Graffstop® treatment the graffiti removal cost was £60,000 per year, using Graffstop® has given a significant annual saving which will be repeated for years to come.To find out more about Graffstop® products call us now on 01332 291100 and speak to our technical advisors.

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